Manufactured Housing

Whenever a person moves manufactured housing into a city or town for the purpose of residing in the Town, or whenever a person purchases an existing manufactured unit, he shall, within fifteen (15) days, register with the Assessing Department of the Town. (RSA 72:7-b, amended.)

Also, you must report to the Town when you intend to move a manufactured home from the lot and/or town and pay the tax in jeopardy of the move (RSA 76:10-a).

Explanation of Amenity Value

The market value (and therefore the total assessment) of a mobile home located in one of the three Mobile Home Parks in Greenville is influenced by the park.  Because all mobile homes must be assessed in a similar manner, the amenity value component provides a mechanism to bring the total assessment in line with the market value in each park on April 1, in the year of a town-wide update. For Greenville, that was in 2013. In other words, the amenity value ends up being a locational adjustment to account for the fact that a similar mobile home in a different park will have a different market value.